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Saturday, November 1

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Only the Best

Newcity released its annual Best of Chicago issue, with shout-outs to Jackie Robinson West, the pizza and beer special at Simone's, and running through Rosehill Cemetery.

An Addicting Melange

Chicagoist traces the evolution of pumpkin spice from a blend of flavors used to season pies to a seasonal coffee phenomenon.

Scary Traffic on Lake Shore Drive

Strong wind gusts knocked over light poles and carried lake waters onto northbound Lake Shore Drive -- so avoid it if you can.

Blooming Potholes

Artist Jim Bachor's latest artistic approach to potholes (previously) is to fill them with flower mosaics.

Behind the Bop

A documentary by Fader shares the party roots and moves of Chicago's growing Bop movement of hip hop. [via]

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Shuffling Papers

As predicted, the Tribune bought the Sun-Times' suburban papers today, while the Sun-Times launched its Journatic-like aggregated national "app network."

The Scariest Halloween

During Halloween 1982, the city was terrified by much more than ghosts and ghouls -- the Tylenol Poisonings had folks frightened for the kids' lives.

Unreal Kitchen

After becoming a viral hit last Halloween with its Alinea parody, Real Kitchen felt the need to follow up this year. The result is Veritable & The Scullery.

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Every Building Tells a Story

The Architecture Foundation launched Skyline Stories, a multimedia exploration of some of the city's most iconic buildings. [via]

A Toast to the Dead

Eater maps Chicago's most haunted bars and restaurants, while the Tribune shows you where the famous and infamous are buried.

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“Abandoning his Powerpoint-style slideshow for a 'fuck it...what do you wanna know?' approach, Maxwell's open-endedness miffed some festival subscribers but opened the floodgates for a more expansive dialogue.”

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Under the Hood

Book Club


by Miden Wood


Halloween Prom Scene

by Andrew Huff


Nightcrawler, Horns, Citizenfour, Before I Go To Sleep & Harmontown

by Steve Prokopy

Drive Thru

Friday Foodpic: TONIGHT!

by Robyn Nisi


How an Overlooked Rauner Job Creation Plan Caused Problems Across America

by Jason Prechtel

Book Club

Weekend of Woe/"Wow!" at the Chicago Humanities Festival

by Alex Thompson

Book Club

Jamaica Kincaid Discusses Voice, Working at New Yorker

by Jack McCormick


"Mirror of Enlightenment" Arrives at Harris Theater

by Sarah Brooks


Stars Align: Mike Maimone and Archie Powell

by Mike Ewing


Halloween! Visit Logan Square's Dr. Frankenstein

by A/C

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished



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