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How to Spot a Diamond in the Rough

Antiques expert Toma Clark Haines shares some tips for finding good stuff at a flea market.

Guns and Butter

While the connection between health and housing issues and crime has been well documented, studies are taking a closer look at why their effects differ between neighboring communities.

A Lane of Their Own

Plans for the city's first barrier-protected bike lane place it along Clybourn Avenue in Old Town.

A Passing Chance

Pau Gasol's passing prowess could help the Bulls "bend defenses in ways we haven't seen for a decade," writes Ian Levy in Vice.

Divvying Up the City

Take a look at last year's Divvy ridership, mapped by distance and destination by data scientist Gabriel Gaster. [via]

Follow at a Safe Distance

Kevin Selagea was cycling through Skokie when a driver began tailgating him. Fortunately, it wasn't for long -- a police officer pulled the tailgater over and ticketed him. [via]

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The Other Museum Campus

The DuSable Museum of African American History, Museum of Science and Industry, the University of Chicago's museums and others have joined forces to create the Museum Campus South.

The Bed Bug Defense

Residents of the Milshire Hotel SRO argue bed bug contamination is so bad that evicting them from the building would be a threat to the public health.

Cyclist Sting

Mechanics from area bike shops are posing as buyers to help police catch bicycle thieves.

So Many Fish Burgers

Fishermen caught more than 2.5 million pounds of Asian carp over the past four years, trying to keep the invasive species from taking over nearby waterways.

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“I could barely distinguish Rick's faint murmurs through the orange walls, something about how Spaniards added hard-boiled eggs on top their gazpacho.”

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Under the Hood


Hercules, Lucy, A Most Wanted Man, I Origins, And So It Goes, Happy Christmas, Magic in the Moonlight, Under the Electric Sky & Closed Curtain

by Steve Prokopy

Book Club


by Miden Wood

Drive Thru

Friday Foodpic: Tomatoes are Coming

by Robyn Nisi


Artful Interviews at Pitchfork Music Festival

by Sarah Brooks

Book Club

Find Book Bargains at the Andersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale

by Miden Wood

Book Club

August is Nigh; Time to Funk Up Your Tuesday

by Miden Wood


Arm Wrestlers Test Their Strength at CLLAW XIX

by Miriam Finder

Book Club

Near Ye, Near Ye! Your Weekend in Words

by Danette Chavez


Get Your Tweedy On

by Anne Holub


In Battle of Disasters, Earthquakes Trump Fire

by Benjamin Cannon

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished



12:00 P30th Annual Book Fair @ Newberry Library

5:28 PAndersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale

6:00 PMichel Gondry's Mood Indigo @ Film Center

6:00 PCHI Bike Reveal Party @ MNML

6:00 PSam Adams Brew & View

6:00 PPamela Staker Open Studio

7:00 PBlah Blah Blah @ Portage Theater

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

7:30 PThe Mapping Sessions Finale @ Mana Contemporary

8:00 PChicago Reader B-Side Booze Cruise @ Navy Pier

8:00 PRev. Horton Heat @ Double Door

8:00 PThe Kings @ Reggies

8:00 PPeriod Panties Launch Party

9:30 PRJD2 @ Subterranean

10:00 PChicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

11:59 PBig Trouble In Little China @ Music Box


10:00 AChicago Criterium Bike Race -- Part of the Intelligentsia Cup

10:00 AAndersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale

10:00 A30th Annual Book Fair @ Newberry Library

12:00 P2014 Bughouse Square Debates @ Washington Square Park

12:00 PWord Weekend @ MCA

12:00 PWicker Park Fest

3:00 PBike to Brew

6:00 PChicago Summerdance: Chicago House Party! @ Spirit of Music Garden

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

7:30 PLounge Devils' Variety-Ville @ Portage Theater

9:30 PFilmspotting Episode #500 @ Music Box


10:00 AAndersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale

10:00 A30th Annual Book Fair @ Newberry Library

12:00 PWord Weekend @ MCA

12:00 PWicker Park Fest

2:00 PArtist Talk @ Comfort Station

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall


7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

8:00 PLouder than a Mom @ Martyrs'


6:00 PThird Coast Listening Room: Tales out of School

6:30 PThis is Spinal Tap @ Millennium Park

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

8:00 PThe Moth StorySLAM @ Martyrs'


5:30 PKatherine Anne Confections Preview Party

6:00 PWBEZ presents After Water @ Mayne Stage

6:00 PNelarusky ft. Twin Shadow @ Metro

7:00 PMiss Spoken @ Gallery Cabaret

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

8:00 PSo You Think You're a Foodie @ Frontier

9:00 POneida & CAVE @ Empty Bottle


5:00 PSchool of Rock Allstars @ Beat Kitchen

7:00 PPhysical Festival @ Links Hall

9:00 PSpin's Lollapalooza Kick Off Party with Interpol, Gemini Club, Wildcat! Wildcat!

10:00 PChoucroute Series @ Tete Charcuterie

10:00 PChoucroute Series @ TÊTE Charcuterie

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