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Monday, June 24

Gapers Block

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It's nearly the middle of August but I feel like summer hasn't even started. There's been too much rain and not enough humidity. A smattering of fireflies. My tomatoes haven't even turned red yet.

More than the weather, last summer was filled with new love, new friends, parties, and cooking. And this year, everyone seems entrenched in their own lives, absorbed in their own transitions. Maybe my group isn't the only one feeling like this is the summer that wasn't.

But at least one group had an eventful summer. You glory hole enthusiasts! My, was your summer packed with lust, intrigue, loaded entendre, and very bad grammar. Come, let's put on a Maurice Chevalier record and mix a Manhattan. We'll pause and reflect what it's like to be a young man with a hard dick in this swingin', ring-a-ding city.

Gloryhole construction I am an experienced carpenter who can build your own private gloryhole for your home or apartment. Will trade for????


Imagine this brawny tradesman, will you? He's resplendent in overalls, muscles glistening in the afternoon sun, a bizarre cross between a porn star and subject of Soviet propaganda. Come, Comrade, let us build this glory hole for the people!

HI I am cool gay guy looking for a discreet handyman to build me a well built removable gloryhole set up in my apartment. Can barter also stargina website promoting the gloryhole am willing to share profits, serious only.

Cool gay guy! You are in luck. For the above carpenter posted this ad just moments after you posted yours. The beauty of the Internet! In medieval times, this cool gay guy might yearn for a lifetime for such a tradesman, only to build his glory hole himself out of felled bark and badger pelts. It would do, but require copious mending with sap. Penis, not glory hole, that is.

HI guys I am a young bi guy, 27 and I have my own provate gloryhole set up in my apt, I am looking for discreet totally anonymous WELL HUNG MARRIED GUYS that NEED regular ANONYMOUS SERVICING, NO RECIPROCATION! Stop BY UNZIP and UNLOAD (I love to SWALLOW!) must be WELL HUNG ...clark&montrose

email me with pic or cock pic or about yourself and lets arrange a time, ic an be free before you go to work or after

I know sexuality is a complicated matter, but if you're a dude with a glory hole in your apartment willing to suck cock with no reciprocation, you're probably not bi. You're gay. If you're into labels.

Also, "unzip", "unload", "swallow"? You're tacky, "bi" guy! You long to be an extra in a Jeff Stryker video, but settle on Web cam action with a widower from Queensland, Australia.

But I'd like to see this dude's collection of "cock pics." Perhaps there are some skilled cocktographers in Lakeview, but I would suspect the majority of these photos depict pee-pees nestled among wadded tighty-whiteys with porn on a TV in the background.

gloryhole available all nite and weekend, suck and swallow - m4m - 27
cocksucking jock boy, looking for clean dick to stop by and stick it through the glory hole. be clean like me. montrose and the lake.

this is in or around lakeview/uptown

Man, there's a lot of glory holes along Montrose! If you're very, very clean, like this man, he'll let you stick your clean dick in his clean glory hole. There will be wet-naps for washing up. Please take off your shoes at the door.

And is it just me or is it really easy to sing "cocksucking jock boy" to the tune of the Raffi children's song "Baby Beluga"?

see BEWARE BRASILIAN BLINDFOLDED COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!! I beg of you, please start screaming this at random. BEWARE BRASILIAN BLINDFOLDED COCKSUCKER! This is the stuff of urban legends. Is there a snopes for cocksucking?

Other ads warn of the BRASILIAN COCKSUCKER, too. Apparently, he just "dicks around" with would-be glory holers, much to their chagrin. Although I have no pee-pee, I can understand the consternation that would result from this. So, again, BEWARE BRASILIAN BLINDFOLDED COCKSUCKER!

Needing to stop in a glory place to stop by, put my black cook in a hole get-off and go. Does any one know of a place?

I, too, have this problem with my black cook. Although he makes a divine foie de veau, sometimes he really needs a hole for get-off and go. Don't we all! I demand nothing less for my black cook than a glory place. Preferably clean.

Is this the Summer of Glory Holes? Is this an old trend here to stay or something that will fade into a laughable memory, like the current capelet/poncho fad? Time will tell. In the meantime, I'll tuck these glory holes away in my mental scrapbook, in between ads for poo talk and this week's lone, sad, hetero ad:

Coldplay playing in the background.. - m4w - 24
This might sound strange but it's true..I have a fantasy to make love to a girl with Coldplay's music playing in the background..some of the songs take me to a soft, romantic level where I want to touch, feel, kiss, hug and passionately make love..

If you like Coldplay & this idea appeals to you, then write to me soon..if we click, it can be something long term too..

I am a nice guy- 24 yrs old, educated, friendly, employed, peaceful, loving, single, clean, sane, normal, living & working in Chicago & love Coldplay ..

man, that band is awesome !!

Ah, liaisons! What's happened to them?

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