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Saturday, December 20

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The Grid

Arkansas Red and His Listeners


Brian Ashby & Ben Kolak


Mayor's Son Robbed

Rahm Emanuel's 17 year-old son Zach was robbed of his phone last night by two males while walking near the family's Ravenswood home. Police are investigating.

A Birds-Eye View of the System

Convicted in Cook shows which areas of the city have the highest number of arrests and convictions.

Crochet Queens

The formerly homeless women of Facing Forward's knitting club keep their hands busy to quit smoking and donate their work to those in need.

No Spire, Yes Spaceship

Between the Chicago Spire's ultimate demise and the Lucas Museum's futuristic designs, it was a complicated year for architecture in Chicago.

Colbert's Chicago

Chicago Magazine looks back at some of Stephen Colbert's best local moments now that he has signed off from the Colbert Report for the last time.

GB Gift Guide: Wear the Metro

Love hearing shows at the Metro? Grab some posters, tees, or even a tote to proclaim your love or commemorate a favorite show from the last year. The store is open for browsing in-person or online, all at reasonable prices.

One Toast is All You Get

Due to a crackdown by the City last year, fewer New Year's Eve parties are offering open-bar specials that may violate state's anti-Happy Hour law.

GB Gift Guide: Give Dough

Tickets go on sale at noon today for DonutFest, at which a dozen of the city's finest donut places will submit their best cruller, long john or ring to compete for the title of "Best Donut in Chicago." But really, they're all winners. Event is Jan. 25th at Chop Shop; cost is $30.

Gift Guide: Fun with Accents

The new locally developed game Utter Nonsense takes the Apples to Apples template in a different direction: players say raunchy or weird phrases in a funny accent to please the judge.

How to Be a Funny Lady

Kelsie Huff explains why she teaches an all-female standup comedy class. And if you're interested, the next one starts Jan. 7.

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“This appears to be the latest in a long series of moves over time to help ensure that incumbents -- especially incumbent state legislators -- need not face any opposition on the general election ballot.”

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Under the Hood


Chicago Fire Winter Transfer Season Breakdown

by Benjamin Cannon


Stump Connolly Reporting: Rahm's Virtual Reality Rally

by Stump Connolly

Book Club

Last Chance to Catch the Marrow in 2014

by John Wawrzaszek

Drive Thru

Friday Foodpic: Chanukah Chocolate

by Robyn Nisi


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies & The Babadook

by Steve Prokopy


On Elected School Boards and Horseshoes

by Phil Huckelberry


The Wrong Bear Is Losing His Job

by Chad Ruter

Drive Thru

There's No Quackery at the New Duck Inn

by Brandy Gonsoulin


focus: Lucy McKenzie Exhibition @ The Art Institute of Chicago

by S. Nicole Lane


Stars Align: Brad Sawicki and Bryan Kveton Jan. 15

by Mike Ewing

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished



10:00 AA Holiday Menu of Casual Extravagance @ Alliance Francaise

11:00 AHideout's Last Chance Holiday Sale

12:00 PLast Dash Xmas Bash @ Empty Bottle

12:00 POpen Studio Holiday Sale @ Amanda Gentry Studio

2:00 PGroup Exhibition @ The Art House

7:00 PWe Carol Lot: Downwrite Holiday Show @ Metro

8:00 PNo Media Performance Event @ High Concept Laboratories

9:00 PSoul Summit @ Double Door

9:00 PI Fight Dragons @ Lincoln Hall


11:00 AHyde Park Handmade Holiday Bazaar @ the Promontory

11:00 AThalia Hall Holiday Haul and Toy Drive

12:00 PGraze's All Chili Considered @ Empty Bottle

12:00 PReggie's Rockin' Craft Bazaar

1:00 PBluegrass Jam @ Old Town School of Folk Music

3:00 PDo-It-Yourself Messiah @ Harris Theater


7:00 PSarah Ruhl @ Women & Children First

7:00 PDo-It-Yourself Messiah @ Harris Theater

7:00 PJamaican Queens @ Hideout

8:00 PThird Annual Woman Power Holiday Show @ Schubas

8:30 PAlternative Christmas Double Feature @ Music Box


3:20 PMusic Box Christmas Show

7:00 PSmith Westerns @ Lincoln Hall


6:00 AChristmas Eve @ Brasserie by LM

12:15 PMusic Box Christmas Show

4:00 PCreole Reveillon Dinner @ Big Jones


6:00 PChristmas @ Brasserie by LM

6:30 PA Kubrick Christmas @ Music Box

8:00 PMr. Blotto's All Dead Show @ Cubby Bear


5:00 PAl Scorch's Feast of Friendship @ Hideout

8:00 PMacabre Holiday of Horror @ Reggies

9:00 PRedgrave @ Empty Bottle

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