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Tuesday, October 21

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White City Watercolors

Chicago Magazine shares paintings that captured the people and colors of the 1893 World's Fair.

Streaming Skyscrapers

The Discovery Channel launched a live camera feed from up high on the Wyndham Grand downtown ahead of Nik Wallenda's walk across the skyline.

The Growing City

Get a sense of what the skyline will look like in the future with a map of the 14 high rises under construction put together by Curbed.

Straight Up & Down

Chicago's streets rarely deviate from the grid, a color-coded visualization by Data Pointed shows.

John Hodgman Stole Your Vacation

John Hodgman is doing two completely different shows tomorrow night at UP Comedy Club, 230 W. North Ave. At 7pm he performs "I Stole Your Dad," his usual melange of expert advice and pop culture reference, and at 9:30 he does "VACATIONLAND," reflections on summertime and death. Tickets to each show are $30.

Telling Stories

George Lucas criticized the film industry and shared some of his plans for the Museum of Narrative Art during a Chicago Ideas Week talk.

Opining Again

The Chicago Sun-Times will start endorsing candidates again after ending the practice two years ago to combat perceptions that the paper was biased. And they're endorsing Rauner for governor (which might not help the bias claims.)

Bad Pass to Pippen

Former Bull Scottie Pippen's former financial adviser, Robert Lunn, was found guilty of bank fraud for taking out a $1.4 million loan in Pippen's name and using the money for himself.

The Great Chicago Myth

Residents of Lafayette, IN have long believed that former residents of Chicago's projects were the cause of increasing violent crime and drugs in the area. In a two-part investigative report, the Lafayette Journal-Courier shows that's just not true.

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Early Voting Starts

Early voting for the 2014 General Election starts today. See the election board website for a full list of voting locations that will be open from today through Sunday, Nov. 2.

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“Take notes, and don't be afraid to see something to haven't heard of -- that's the point of a film festival, isn't it?”

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Under the Hood

Book Club

Blind's Self-Pitying Narrator is Tough to Love

by Robert Kingett


The Second City & Hubbard Street Dance's Collaboration is a Stunning Success

by Miriam Finder


Owl John Tugged The Bottom Lounge's Heartstrings

by Julian Ramirez

Book Club


by Miden Wood


Fury, Whiplash, The Good Lie, The Best of Me, The Book of Life, St. Vincent, Keep On Keepin' On & 20,000 Days on Earth

by Steve Prokopy


Goodman's Smokefall: Following One Family Across Time

by Nancy Bishop

Drive Thru

Friday Foodpic: Le's Pho

by Robyn Nisi


Should the Bears Consider Some New Starters?

by Chad Ruter


Photos/Review: The Districts @ Park West 10-16-14

by Kirstie Shanley


Joffrey Ballet's "Swan Lake" Is Stunning on Opening Night Debut

by Sarah Brooks

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished



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