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Thursday, December 18

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The Grid

Arkansas Red and His Listeners


Brian Ashby & Ben Kolak


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The Lincoln Park Zoo switched the molds in the Mold-A-Rama in the Brach Primate House to make green Santas instead of gorillas, now through Christmas.

Where Not to Eat... Maybe

Data analyst Brandon Harris dug through the City of Chicago Data Portal to find the "dirtiest" restaurants in Chicago -- dirty being defined by number of failed health inspections, which commenters have pointed out often include "failed" visits from before a restaurant is even open. So, you know, caveat emptor.

Eyes on Justice

A pilot program approved by the Illinois Supreme Court will add cameras to courtrooms in Cook County.

Doctors Under Fire

Chicago doctors smuggle medical supplies into Syria and put their own lives on the line to help save those wounded by the country's civil war.

Truly Bullshit

All 30,000 boxes of bullshit sold by Cards Against Humanity for Black Friday contained bull poop as promised -- and all the profits went to charity.

GB Gift Guide: The Gift of Good Hearing

WHAT? WHAT? Before you blow out your ears at another show, get yourself some protection! Local purveyors of ear health, Etymotic have a range of earplugs that do a great job of filtering out the harsh and letting in the music. Take it from me, they work! For around $10, your future self will thank you for not needing a hearing aide in your 30s. You can pick them up online from the source, or from the Metro, Lincoln Hall, or Schubas.

Deep Dish Slices of Life

Meet a fish relocator, an urban explorer, and other people who are "So Chicago" through short documentaries by photojournalist Chris Walker.

Jobs Stop Bullets

Summer jobs programs substantially reduce violent crime among teens from low-income areas, according to a study.

Roy's Friend Ignaz

Chicagoist published "The King Of Vajra Dornei," a new "Roy story" by author Barry Gifford.

Jackie Robinson West Residency Questions

The vice president of Evergreen Park's Little League program has filed a complaint that members of the world champion Jackie Robinson West team live outside of the league's residency boundaries. A Little League International official said that the team's paperwork checked out.


“This appears to be the latest in a long series of moves over time to help ensure that incumbents -- especially incumbent state legislators -- need not face any opposition on the general election ballot.”

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Under the Hood


On Elected School Boards and Horseshoes

by Phil Huckelberry


The Wrong Bear Is Losing His Job

by Chad Ruter

Drive Thru

There's No Quackery at the New Duck Inn

by Brandy Gonsoulin


Stars Align: Brad Sawicki and Bryan Kveton Jan. 15

by Mike Ewing


Shake It Up: Gapers Block Holiday Concert

by Mike Ewing


Mumps Outbreak Could Sideline More in NHL

by Jim Crago


Trestman & the Bears Are a Complete Abomination

by Chad Ruter


Chicago at SXSW Music Festival 2015: Early Warning

by Andrew Huff


Chicago Calling XI at Schubas - Good Covers for a Great Cause

by Celeste Mallama


Redmoon Winter Pageant Is Family-Friendly Adventure on a Grand Scale

by A/C

The Grid: Lyrical Video Journalism

To be Demolished: Documenting 100
Threatened Buildings



12:00 PRichard Hunt Exhibition @ The Museum of Contemporary Art

6:30 PHoliday Truffle-Making Party @ Katherine Anne Confections

8:00 PStockings & Garters Burlesque @ Gorilla Tango

9:00 PIvan & Alyosha @ Empty Bottle

9:00 PKool Keith @ Logan Arcade


6:00 PWindy City Rollers @ UIC Pavilion

6:00 PDanica Favorito: Old Work-About Face Opening Reception @ Domus

6:00 PLate-er Night Andersonville

6:30 P53rd Ward: After Dark @ Hideout

7:00 P3rd Fridays Open Studios @ Zhou B Art Center

8:00 PChicago Calling XI @ Schubas


10:00 AA Holiday Menu of Casual Extravagance @ Alliance Francaise

11:00 AHideout's Last Chance Holiday Sale

12:00 PLast Dash Xmas Bash @ Empty Bottle

12:00 POpen Studio Holiday Sale @ Amanda Gentry Studio

2:00 PGroup Exhibition @ The Art House

7:00 PWe Carol Lot: Downwrite Holiday Show @ Metro

8:00 PNo Media Performance Event @ High Concept Laboratories

9:00 PSoul Summit @ Double Door

9:00 PI Fight Dragons @ Lincoln Hall


11:00 AHyde Park Handmade Holiday Bazaar @ the Promontory

11:00 AThalia Hall Holiday Haul and Toy Drive

12:00 PGraze's All Chili Considered @ Empty Bottle

12:00 PReggie's Rockin' Craft Bazaar

1:00 PBluegrass Jam @ Old Town School of Folk Music

3:00 PDo-It-Yourself Messiah @ Harris Theater


7:00 PSarah Ruhl @ Women & Children First

7:00 PDo-It-Yourself Messiah @ Harris Theater

7:00 PJamaican Queens @ Hideout

8:00 PThird Annual Woman Power Holiday Show @ Schubas

8:30 PAlternative Christmas Double Feature @ Music Box


3:20 PMusic Box Christmas Show

7:00 PSmith Westerns @ Lincoln Hall


6:00 AChristmas Eve @ Brasserie by LM

12:15 PMusic Box Christmas Show

4:00 PCreole Reveillon Dinner @ Big Jones

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